LIFESTYLEHOUSE - The Next Level in Real Estate


LIFESTYLEHOUSE, Spain’s premier full service, privately owned real estate organization, providing the highest level of service and employing cutting edge resources. 
Lifestylehouse is a fully-integrated, global real estate organization that delivers comprehensive development, building, sales and marketing services on behalf of the world’s most sophisticated buyers and investors.

Lifestylehouse key strategic advantage is our unrivalled network of international brokers and consultant relationships. The ability to market residential properties through selective international real estate professionals, each an expert in their own market, has given Lifestylehouse a dramatic competitive advantage. As such, we are uniquely well placed to find the opportunities in shifting global market trends, while serving a dynamic and thoroughly diversified client base.

Our international Marbella team, fluent in most languages, is in perpetual motion, delivering specialist training of how to sell premium projects to brokers who represent the world’s most sophisticated buyers.

Along the real estate sales activities, Lifestylehouse has also been committed to designing, developing and operating our own real estate projects and reformations with a higher level of efficiency. We use technology and innovation through every stage of a property’s lifecycle in order to reduce energy and waste, and to manage our resources better. In this way, we seek to deliver superior performance and opportunities for the end users and provide real estate of enduring value.

This unmatched capacity to activate international sales and developments in an increasingly globalized and complex environment, while never compromising on the quality of client care, has achieved outstanding results.

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