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The Path To Excellence In The Design Of Modern Contemporary Homes

By Erik Vasbinder and Ton van den Bosch

Headed by Erik Vasbinder & Ton van den Bosch, the team at Lifestylehouse in Marbella are at the cutting edge of the design & construction of contemporary modern villas  and real estate services.

Combining a vision for attention to detail, from the engineering background of Erik Vasbinder, with the real estate expertise, gained from a successful career in property sales and development, of Ton van den Bosch, they are supported by a team of engineers, designers and craftsmen at their head office Marbella, Spain. Their dream is to leverage the most advanced techniques available in construction, engineering and design to create and build modern homes that are beautiful from both the inside and outside, using only the highest quality materials.

As Erik Vasbinder states, “The sensation of being in one of our homes is similar to the feeling of quality and engineering perfection that you get when you sit in a high-end luxury car, such as a Porsche, Audi or Ferrari. Every part is engineered perfectly, every tiny detail a masterpiece of precision.”

Recognising that many builders were using traditional techniques to construct a modern villa or house, and that this method of building did not take advantage of the inherent engineering advantages that a modern home design can bring, they have designed and perfected a system for building homes using modular components that can be applied anywhere in the world. By taking advantage of proprietary highly-engineered steel corner structures, advanced concrete techniques and labour saving designs, Lifestylehouse are able to construct houses & villas that have absolutely no internal walls, are up to 80% glass and have expansive floors and dramatic overhangs that quite literally “float” above the ground level.

The advantages for the owner are immeasurable:

  • In the first place is the speed of construction of the building itself – all items can be pre-engineered and subsequently delivered on-site for assembly.
  • Timeless designs to choose from.
  • The owner is free to choose the finishings and installations to fit their particular needs. Since these are incorporated at the initial design stage and by taking advantage of the straight geometrical lines of the building, the plans of the construction can be adjusted so that materials such as flooring, wall tiles and doors can be fitted on-site with a minimum of adjustments – thus saving considerably on the labour times and therefore costs. These savings on labour are passed on to the owner who can benefit by investing in far higher quality finishing materials for the same end cost.
  • Design elements, such as the internal and external insulation, can be manufactured as integral parts of the construction, rather than later on as add-ons.
  • All load-bearing structures are over-engineered in relation to the demands put on them, floors are constructed using advanced honeycomb designs and outside shutters are hurricane proof.
  • Installations such as air conditioning units, electrical systems and water softening devices can be sourced from the leading manufacturers and their incorporation can built into the original design.

From a client satisfaction point of view, Ton van den Bosch likes to point out that “the entire home is pre-engineered prior to construction so that we at Lifestylehouse are able to provide the owner with a complete blueprint for his home before delivery, listing in detail the exact specifications of the house as well as comprehensive building plans.”

In fact the entire project is presented to the owner in the form of a book. This ensures that there is absolutely no margin for error when it comes to building the home – the owner can have complete confidence that every detail that he or she has requested is planned for. 


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